Posted by: MOIST | June 30, 2010

Japan 0-0 Paraguay AET 3-5 on pens.

So, Japan crash out in the second round as well. Sad times, indeed, but they can be proud of some of the football they have played in the World Cup.

The lack of concentration that has blighted them before at the back was gone and Honda, Okubo and Matsui all showed flashes of brilliance up front. Now they just need to find a goal scorer and it could well be all systems go.

I’ve no excuses for not writing a long review of this game other than I can’t be bothered. It’s sad when your team goes out, especially on penalties, and we don’t all want to re-live the bad times.

Instead, let’s sit back and remember how Honda and Endo showed the world how to take a free-kick.

See you in 4 years time, Japan.



  1. Dood, I just (finally) saw them there free kicks. That was awesome. Honda and Endo were fabulous on those free kicks. That Honda has got a bright future!

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