Posted by: MOIST | June 29, 2010

South Korea 1-2 Uruguay

Sadly no run to the semi-final this time round for Korea. An absolute peach of a curler from Suarez was enough to win the game for Uruguay.

This might be the time to let you know that I require more of your understanding to appreciate. Saturday was day 2 of the stag and included clay pigeon shooting, which I was pants at, and go karting, in which I was too 6’5 and 17 stone for. Despite Jimmy Owner boasting that everyone in the know universe could fit into the seats he hadn’t reckoned with me.

I couldn’t.

Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to watch the game, only catching the goals at the end. A rubbish one, a scrappy one, a beautiful one and one that should have been. Lee Dong-Gook obviously getting flashbacks to his Middlesboro days.

Still, qualification to the second round for the first time on foreign soil is a great achievement. A core of the team is still young and, with Korean players being willing to move abroad (and not catching Kim Nam-Il syndrome due to the global availability of kim-chi), the future is looking good for the Red Devils.

I am sure we will see them in 4 years in Brazil and if they’ve found a fox-in-the-box, clinical striker they might just surprise us all again.


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