Posted by: MOIST | June 29, 2010

Montevideo Nasty?

Game 10!

8 years ago South Korea rock ‘n’ rolled there way to the semi-finals knocking off one European giant after another. This time around they’re going to have to go via a few other continents to get into the semis.

With either Africa or North America waiting in the quarter-finals, it’s South America first up in the second round in the form of Uruguay.

The Group A winners, who scored 4 goals and conceded none, started off slowly against France but impressed against South Africa and Mexico and are most people’s favourites to progress.

However, as we’ve seen every day in this World Cup, none of the big guns are safe and what price another shock?

Korea have had a topsy-turvy World Cup so far with a win, a loss and then a draw. They’ve played some nice football but haven’t looked deadly enough in the final third although, with the exception of the Argentina match, have been solid enough at the back. Will it come down to nicking a goal or playing for penalties to see them through?

EAiSA know that at this stage of the competition it’s all about survival. Two choices here, folks, crash and burn or live to fight another day. In order to get all the big scoop before today’s game EAiSA have gone behind the scenes of this man eat man competition to find out who’ll need rescuing from South Africa and who’ll live to see another day.

In the interests of fairness we’ve got the news and views from both sides of the fence.

Kwon Sun-Hwa: Oceanic 815 survivor and former left back for Ulsan Hyundai Ladies.

Who’ll need rescuing: Diego Forlan has started the World Cup well but he’ll get no change from Lee Jun-Soo. Solid at the back, a goal scoring machine when he gets up front, Jun-Soo might attract some big clubs after this game.

Who’ll survive for another round: For me, Lee Young-Pyo. As a former left back I would like to see him getting forward more. He’s go such great delivery, as all Spurs fans know, and he could provide some great ammunition for Park Chu-Young.

Prediction: 2-1 to Korea. Another great day for Dae Han Min Gook. I hope the Others have a TV so I can watch.

Kwon Jin-Soo: Oceanic 815 survivor, 3 goals in 98 caps for South Korea and 3 World Cup appearances in 2002.

Who’ll need rescuing: Fernando Muslera. He’s only been capped 9 times and hasn’t really been tested yet. The quality Korea have up front with Lee Chung-Yong, Park Chu-Young will be enough to embarrass him.

Who’ll survive for another round: Ki Sung-Yong. Still young but full of talent. His set piece delivery is wonderful and his free kicks will cause the Uruguay defence problems all day long.

Prediction: 1-0 to Korea. After disappointment last time this is a World Cup we can go far in. I just hope I don’t have to sit behind the smoke monster during the game.

Nando Parrado: Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 survivor, Ethan Hawke look-a-like, cannibal and goalkeeper for Penarol.

Who’ll need rescuing: Korea. Uruguay have quality all over the park and I am confident we will win with no problems. Even Francescoli couldn’t make this team better. I’m joking, of course.

Who’ll survive for another round: Forlan and Suarez. The best forward line we have had since we won the cup in 1930. They can take us all the way to a third trophy.

Prediction: 4-1 to Uruguay. It will be close until the last ten minutes and then we will eat them alive. No, wait, dead. Only eat them dead.


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