Posted by: MOIST | June 21, 2010

Team of the Week: Episode 2

Not a great second round for East Asia unfortunately. Three games, three loses, 12 goals conceded and only 1 scored but, despite all that, we at EAiSA think all the teams can come out with their heads held high.

Japan were obviously the star turn of the round. Putting all the Sea of Japan controversy behind them they were only just beaten by the Dutch. A sloppy goal conceded and a chance to equalise missed were all that seperated them. Unsurprisingly Japanese players make up almost half the team.

South Korea started badly against Argentina and found themselves two bad goals down before they got one bad goal back. But Messi magic in the second half as Korea pressed forward sealed the game for Argentina. Only one South Korean in the team this time as, even though they had a good second half,  individual errors and a below par 1st half count against them.

North Korea had the shocker of the round, an absolute thumping from Portugal yet contribute 5 players to the team. As strange as that sounds two of them went off before 4 of the goals went in, Jong and Hong, although mostly isolated, showed so much energy up front and the keeper didn’t balls anything up.

Once again just scroll over the picture for some written and nonsense and, remember, you are more than welcome to comment (please). If you do, we here at EAiSA may even consider giving you the time of day.

Ryo Myong-Guk

Cha Jong-Hyok

Yuji Nakazawa

Tulio Tanaka

Yuto Nagatomo

Lee Chung-Yong

Pak Nam-Chol

Yuki Abe

Daisuke Matsui

Hong Yong-Jo

Jong Tae-Se


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