Posted by: MOIST | June 21, 2010

Op-Port-unity for 3 points?

A wiser man than me, possibly Winston Churchill or Cardinal Richelieu, once said that Portugal was the only country in the world where the men are more beautiful than the women.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Nuno Gomes, the lead singer from Journey. Maybe that wise man had a point.

But surely not? EAiSA loaded up its rucksack, put on some sturdy yet comfortable shoes, obtained a sensible hat in case the sun came out and went in search or the creme de la creme of Portuguese women to give, loyal EAiSA readers, an insight into who’s hot and who’s not in the current Portugal squad.

Can the cheeky Chollima steal a win or will it be 1966 all over again but without a Portuguese player as humble as Eusebio?

Amalia Rodrigues: Actress, glamour model and current love interest of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who’s hot: My Cristiano is always hot. In bed he is like a wild man. Full of passion and fire he makes love to me like we are one.

Who’s not: Deco. He is tubby, like Eddie Large.

Prediction: 3-1 Portugal. Of course an easy win for Portugal. The Algarve will dance all night when my Cristiano score a hat-trick.

Florbela Espanca: TV Presenter, pop star and former Mrs Luis Figo.

Who’s hot: Liedson. Has a great goal-scoring record in club football but is still new to the Portugal team. If he gets the service he can score for fun.

Who’s not: Carlos Queiroz. He might be smouldering dreamboat but his tactics are way off. We had a bad qualification and struggled against the Ivory Coast. He needs to be replaced.

Prediction: 2-0 Portugal. North Korea proved hard to break down but they cannot settle for a point today. I think we will score two in the second half for a comfortable win.

Juliana Dias da Costa: Member of Parliament for Oporto, former glamour model and current Mrs Vitor Baia.

Who’s hot: Ricardo Carvalho. He is the rock that our team is built on. Solid on the ground, good in the air and no longer thin on top. A thinking woman’s footballer.

Who’s not: Eduardo. I spit on him. He is a charlatan. A poor excuse for a goalkeeper.

Prediction: 3-0 Portugal. The North Korea bubble will burst as Portugal must win this game.

The bevvy of beautiful babes say Portugal all the way. With their mix of good looks, intelligence and football knowledge can we disagree?


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