Posted by: MOIST | June 19, 2010

Adventures in Nether Nether Lands

A comfortable 2-0 win over Denmark and a hard fought, first World Cup win on foreign soil, 1-0 against Cameroon were enough to leave the Netherlands and Japan sitting pretty in Group E. The Netherlands didn’t move through all the gears in their win and head into the second game as favourites for not just the match but for winning the group.

Nobody expects Japan to beat the Netherlands and, in all probability, they themselves probably had this game down as a loss or maybe a point if they got lucky. Very lucky.

So, after having seen their rivals from across the Sea of Japan take a tonking at the hands of Argentina, is there any way for Japan to come out of this game unscathed?

In its never ending pursuit of answers EAiSA has rounded up three of the hottest Dutch stars on the planet to tell us all about what will happen in the game tomorrow and how much it will cost to score an eighth.

James Van Der Beek: Star of TVs Dawson’s Creek and 3 time Eredivisie champion with PSV Eindhoven.

What to expect from the Dutch: The Dutch won’t want to wait for the first half to be over, they’ll want to know right from kick off what will it be. I think they will have too much skill up front for the Japanese team to cope with. Japan defended very well against Cameroon but the Dutch are a different kettle of fish.

Key match up: Robin van Persie vs Yuji Nakazawa. Nakazawa had a great game last time round but he’ll have to be on his toes to keep van Persie quiet.

Prediction: 3-0 to the Netherlands. An early goal will mean Japan will have to come out of the defensive mindset and the Dutch will pick them off with ease.

Lee Van Cleef: Movie star and new manager of FC Twente.

What to expect from the Dutch: This match really depends on which Netherlands team turns up. Will it be the good, the bad or the ugly? If they improve on their performance against Denmark I can see them making spaghetti of the Japan defence. Victory for the western team is the only outcome I can see.

Key match up: Wesley Sneijder vs Yuki Abe. Abe looked very strong in his defensive role against Cameroon and how he handles Sneijder will be vital to this match.

Prediction: 3-1 to the Netherlands. It’s high noon for the Japan team

Dick Van Dyke: Actor, comedian, writer, producer and scorer of the Netherlands goal in the 1974 World Cup Final.

What to expect from the Dutch: Well, cor blimey, Mary Poppins, this one’s a real head scratcher. Me old bamboo says this one’s a doddle for the Dutch. They have quality across the back, all along the midfield and if the strikers are on form they’ll Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the goals in.

Key match up: Arjen Robben vs Yuto Nagatomo. Robben has the pace to give any full back in the world trouble and if Nagatomo can’t match him for speed he’ll cause him problems all day long.

Prediction: 2-0 to the Netherlands. It’s definitely Diagnosis Murder for the Japanese hopes.

A clean sweep for the Dutch according to our panel of experts and they should know. So, will the future be orange or will blue be the colour? Don’t ask me.


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