Posted by: MOIST | June 17, 2010

South Korea 1-4 Argentina

EAiSA Prediction: 1-2 loss for South Korea

Yesterday Spain lost 1-0 to Switzerland. It was a scrappy goal but, ultimately, its scrappiness was overshadowed by its importance. Did the Spanish newspapers blame goalie Casillas? Or maybe centre back Pique? No. They blamed referee Howard Webb. Why? The goal, said the papers, was offside and shouldn’t have stood. It changed the course of the game, they said, and shouldn’t have stood.

Today the Spanish know how the Koreans feel.

In the 76th minute with Korea 2-1 down, still in the game and having come close to an equaliser, Messi jinked his way into the box, had a shot saved and smashed the rebound off the post and into the path of an unmarked Higuain on the goal line. The crowd held it’s breath as Higuain tapped home waiting for the linesman to raise his flag. But it never came and the goal stood. Four minutes later it was 4 and the game was over.

FIFA have, of course, acted quickly to remove any evidence of the infringement but, luckily for you readers, EAiSA have been able to recreate the event with help from former Korean internationals Hong Myung-Bo(keeper Jung Song-Ryong), Lee Chun-Soo (defender Lee Young-Pyo) and Yoo Sang-Chul (defender Oh Beom-Sok) and former Ireland internationals Roy Keane (Lionel Messi) and Packie Bonner (Higuain).

As you can see from the pictures the moment Messi struck the ball Higuain was a good 10 yards offside. A shocking decision from the assistant referee.

As you can also see from the pictures at least some pretty looking young ladies were watching.

Overblown and mostly made-up excuses to make me feel better aside, Korea can’t have too many complaints with the result. It could easily have been 4-1 at half-time, indeed, if Argentina had gone in at 4-0 at half-time it wouldn’t have been a flattering scoreline. Korea’s first half performance was poor. Littered with bad passes, a total lack of possession, no pressing in midfield, nothing going forward and two sloppy goals conceded  it was only a combination of a few good saves and some narrow misses that saved them.

The second half was markedly better, despite the scoreline. Kim Nam-Il had a lot more presence in midfield than Ki Sung-Yong and the midfield in general had a lot more bite. Although not a lot of chances were created there was definitely more of a threat when Korea were going forward.

As for the two second half goals, well, Messi is just a magician. The best defenders in the world can’t handle him when he’s having one of these days so let’s not be too critical of the Korean defence.

Still, on the upside, Greece’s 2-0 win over Nigeria means South Korea are in a strong position to secure a place in the second round. Unless the unimaginable happens and Argentina contrive to lose to Greece a point against Nigeria will be enough for knock-out football.

Player Match Reports:

Starting XI:

Jung Song-Ryung: Didn’t stand a chance with 3 of the 4 goals but should have dealt much better with the 2nd. Made some good saves to keep Korea in the game.

Oh Beom-Sok: The only change in the starting XI he had a World Cup baptism of fire. Had a tough time of it against DiMaria but stuck to his task well.

Cho Yong-Hyung: Played Higuain onside for the 2nd goal and you have to wonder if it was him or Lee Jung-Soo who should have been marking Dimichelis for the 1st.

Lee Jung-Soo: Did his best against Messi, Tevez and Higuain but was out of his depth. Gave his all but not much he could do about the 3rd and 4th goals.

Lee Young-Pyo: As solid as always down the left. Not much more to say.

Lee Chung-Yong: Took his goal very well, dispossessing Dimichelis and lifting the ball over the keeper. Came into the game much more in the second half.

Ki Sung-Yong: Had a poor game and was replaced at half time by Kim Nam-Il

Kim Jung-Woo: Was always getting stuck in but was overpowered in the first half. Was able to do more in the second half when the experienced Kim Nam-Il was on.

Park Ji-Sung: Full of energy and running but was unable to make much happen against Mascherano.

Park Chu-Young: Can count himself unlucky with own goal and ran his socks off as the lone striker.

Yeom Ki-Hun: Missed a good chance for an equaliser at 2-1 but didn’t get at Gutierrez enough in the first half.


Kim Nam-Il (50 mins for Ki Sung-Yong): Shored up the midfield when he came on which enabled Korea to get more going forward.

Lee Dong-Gook (81 mins for Park Chu-Young): Didn’t have much time to make an impact and, seeing as he came on at 4-1, didn’t really have a chance to get Korea back in the game.


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