Posted by: MOIST | June 16, 2010

Team of the Week: Episode 1

After a first round of games that included two good wins and a wonderful but sadly losing performance it proved tough to compile the team of the week. Truth be told, though, most of EAiSA’s problems came from our inability to use the HTML function but there were plenty of hard decisions to be made across the board.

All the keepers acquitted themselves well and, we’re sure, the two who missed out will be absolutely gutted when they read this. Sorry, lads.

The boys from the DPRK are probably asking themselves how only two of their number made it into the squad after holding Brazil so well. The answer is that although they performed wonderfully at the back there was no stand out performer and the midfield, swarming and combatative as it was, barely saw enough of the ball to justify a place in an exciting attacking midfield.

So, after much head scratching, arguments and heartfelt apologies EAiSA finally came up with the below XI. Hover the mouse over the photo of each player to see why they were chosen.

Disagree? Feel free to give us your XI but remember; you’re wrong.

Jung Song-Ryong

Cha Du-Ri

Yuji Nakazawa

Lee Jung-Soo

Ji Yun-Nam

Lee Chung-Yong

Makoto Hasebe

Park Ji-Sung

Keisuke Honda

Jong Tae-Se

Park Chu-Young


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