Posted by: MOIST | June 14, 2010

Japan 1-0 Cameroon

EAiSA Prediction: 1-2 loss for Japan

EAiSA are delighted to say that once again they have been proved wrong. If you’ve been reading this blog since its inception you’ll have already noticed that being wrong is something of a hobby of ours but this time it feels good to be an idiot. To give me credit, though, you all must have thought that Cameroon were going to nick two in those frantic last ten minutes.

Let’s be honest, it wasn’t a good game. In fact, a lot of it was downright poor. Sloppy, no spark, no invention and a total lack of attacking flair. Now let’s be honest again. Who cares? Okada has already stated he has no top quality strikers and he is right, but if Japan can keep the concentration they showed today for 90 minutes in every game then there is a good chance they can keep more and more clean sheets.

Cameroon were poor and can only get better, especially if the manager realises that bloke called Eto’o is a little better up front than on the right wing, and that can work in Japan’s favour if they take points off Denmark.

It wasn’t pretty but all that counts are results, we’re not all Geordies with an inflated sense of what Newcastle means to world football.

Player Match Reports:

Starting XI:

Eiji Kawashima: Was beaten all ends up by a late strike by Homer Simpson’s favourite player, Mbia, but had little else to do. Was mostly comfortable with high balls and crosses and did make one great save although play was pulled back for a foul.

Yuto Nagatomo: Solid at the back but didn’t get forward much. Probably exactly what Okada wanted.

Marcus Tulio Tanaka: One miss hit pass was about all he did wrong for the 90 minutes. Has thankfully arrested his habit of scoring own goals and, alongside Nakazawa, dealt with everything Cameroon threw at him.

Yuji Nakazawa: A rock solid Man of the Match performance which saw Yuji return to the top of his game. The last ten minutes felt like a one man show as he headed, tackled and cleared everything in sight.

Yuichi Komano: Just cut and paste the report for Nagatomo if you don’t mind.

Yuki Abe: Anchored the midfield and was barely noticeable. Just want you want from your defensive midfielder.

Makoto Hasebe: Played his captains role to perfection until he went off. Nothing flashy, just tackling and passing apart from one nice shot that stung the keeper’s palms.

Yasuhito Endo: Had a disappointing game in an attacking sense to be honest. Didn’t have many set pieces to deliver from but also didn’t make use of the ones he had.

Daisuke Matsui: Added some good forward impetus whilst he was on and delivered a delightful ball for Honda to score. Didn’t have his best game but then Japan offered little going forward.

Yoshito Okubo: Did what Okada wanted him to do defensively but didn’t get much going up front. Didn’t see much of the ball in the first half as Japan played more down the right.

Keisuke Honda: Took his goal very well under pressure. Was lively and clever up front although I’d rather see him behind a striker and not as a lone front man.


Shinji Okazaki (69 mins for Matsui): Looked lively when he came on and caused a few problems. Hit the post although he was offside at the time.

Kishi Yano (81 mins for Okubo): Ran around for a bit but looked a bit lost out on the wing. Didn’t really look like he could do the job Okubo, Matsui and Okazaki did.

Junichi Inamoto (88 mins for Hasebe): Still has fairly silly hair.



  1. If newcastle united mean so very little to the world of football, then they’ve done well to get crow-barred into a match report on Japan Vs Cameroon.

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