Posted by: MOIST | June 13, 2010

South Korea 2-0 Greece

EAiSA Prediction: 2-0 win for South Korea.

Let’s hope all you EAiSAettes paid attention to the ramblings of this page. If so you’d all be rolling in cash now and probably reading this from some sun kissed island in the Caribbean. I know that’s where I’m writing from.

As for the game we stand by what we said straight after,”Easy, convincing, a walk in the park. All phrases used by EAiSA to describe the ROKs training ground exercise against a bunch of fellas doubling for the Greece national football team.”

The Greeks looked lifeless and seemed to have a total lack of ideas going forward. There’s normally a period in every game where one team has a solid spell of pressure but I don’t recall Greece even getting close to sustaining anything. It is hard to imagine Greece posing any problems to Argentina or Nigeria if they play this badly again.

After game one Korea are in a great position to get out of the group.

Player Match Reports:

Starting XI:

Jung Song-Ryung: Had one uncomfortable moment when he stood frozen on his six yard box allowing a Greek striker to nip in front of him for a header. Luckily whichever hapless Greek striker it was failed to make contact and the danger passed. Beyond that had little to do and looked solid enough.

Cha Du-Ri: A shock call-up to the squad let alone the starting XI, the Doctor had a great game at right back. Got forward well adding power and options to the attack whilst keeping Greece’s left wing back on his heels. Selections like this are why Huh is a manager and I am sit in my pants at home.

Cho Yong-Hyung: Despite his lack of inches never really looked troubled at the back after an early mistake from a corner. Could be because he had a great game or because Greece were poor. Mostly the latter.

Lee Jung-Soo: Not really getting his game with Kashima this year but if he keeps popping up with vital goals like this then maybe things will change. Solid at the back and gambled on the little flick to poke home the opener.

Lee Young-Pyo: Was as solid as his colleague over on the right, Cha. Got forward well and stopped his opposite number getting forward depriving the Greek strikers of service. Another managerial master stroke from Huh.

Lee Chung-Yong: Was very lively in midfield and kept on popping up in good attacking positions. Should have had a first half penalty when he was bundled over in the box.

Ki Sung-Yong: Delivered a wonderful ball for the first goal and had a solid game before being replaced. Gave the team many more options in midfield then if Huh had gone with 2 defensive minded centre midfielders.

Kim Jung-Woo: Saluted his way through the national anthem like the good soldier he is. Did the water carrying well, nothing spectacular, which is exactly what he’s there for.

Park Ji-Sung: Scored a wonderful second and was full of running and energy. A good leader of the team and looks like he had brought good form into the tournament.

Park Chu-Young: A candidate for Man of the Match with his namesake, Ji-Sung. Caused the Greek defence all sorts of problems often as a lone front man. Denied a first half goal by a good save but should probably have done better with a header in the second.

Yeom Ki-Hun: May lose his place to Lee Dong-Gook in the next game but had a solid outing here. Flitted between up front and the left and didn’t look out of place.


Kim Nam-Il (75 mins for Ki Sung-Yong): Made me wearing his name and number worthwhile. The Vacuum Cleaner came on to shore up the midfield and did exactly what it says on the tin.

Lee Seung-Yeoul (87 mins for Park Chu-Young) and Kim Jae Seung (90 mins for Lee Chung-Yong): Didn’t have any time to make impacts but didn’t score 3 own goals so job done.

Hope that makes you feel a bit better Mr Anonymous Comment Man!



  1. Thanks for the great commentary.

    You only had to be not blind for 9 matches.

    I want a refund.

  2. Thank you for the update.

    I apologize about all that refund talk. I can’t stay mad at you.

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