Posted by: MOIST | June 13, 2010


Everybody knows about Samuel Eto’o and we’re all familiar with Rigobert Song but does anybody know anything about the rest of the Cameroon squad? In order to get the down low EAiSA  went to America to get valuable insight for the men in the know.

Daniel: So, Japan versus Cameroon, you’ve been speaking to EAiSA and telling them everything?
Miyagi: Tell what?
Daniel: You’ve been telling them that Bassong is stong at the back, why didn’t you tell me? Miyagi: You not ask.
Daniel: Well, I thought you might tell me as I’m your student. Where’d you learn about Bassong?
Miyagi: Father.
Daniel: But I thought he was a fisherman.
Miyagi: In Okinawa, all Miyagi know two things: fish and Cameroon back four.

And there it is. Sebastien Bassong is chosen by Mr Miyagi as the one to watch for Cameroon today.


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